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Online Education tools for tutors and online Schools: Manage your Online Education and Virtual Classroom Effectively. 
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MonaiaEDx video
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MonaiaEDX zoom

Start your class with one click

Start your virtual classroom with just a simple click inside the course page. Only registered students in your LMS course can access the zoom meeting by a single button click. Interactive whiteboard, live polling and chatting. ElearnUs LMS allows to deal with Zoom for teachers, students, parents inside the LMS dashboard.

ElearnUS is integrated with Zoom

Mobile Learning

Learn anytime from anywhere on any screen, ElearnUS LMS is built to provide same experience on any screen size, either on Mobile, Tablet or on PC screen

Weekly Performance Report

Parents receive weekly follow up reports about student class performance with teacher comments and parent can feedback on received report online

Smart Quizzes

Building Quizzes was never been easier, now with few clicks you can build smart quizzes and exams that can be autocorrected, graded with feedback.

Admission System

A complete solution for students’ admission and enrolment, the system includes organizing online placement tests, with automated communication.

Super Fast and Secure

Technology and Datacenters is located between Europe and Middle East, to secure a fast and no interruption learning experience.

Accept Payment

ElearnUs provides multiple payment methods so parents can securely pay the education fees or any other service fees requested during the academic year.

Parent Page

ElearnUs LMS provides parents with a powerful dashboard to follow up and monitor their kids progress,

This Page allow Parent to:

  • Contact teachers through and effective messaging tool
  • Get notified when online virtual classroom starts
  • Monitor student progress and absences
  • Know more about class activities
  • Receive School announcements and take action
  • Contact Support

Student Page

In ElearnUs LMS for online education, each Student will have his own dashboard and tools to help students to get in direct contact with parents or students either by communicating with all the class or privately .

From the student page each student will be able to

  • Know his time table and when classes starts
  • Directly access his online class with one click
  • Access all subjects and educational materials any time
  • Get in contacts with all his instructors and class mate
  • Ask question and get answered by instructors or his peers
  • Monitor his weekly task, homework, assignments, and quizzes
  • Get notified about class and teachers updated
  • Monitor his grades and progress
  • Upload his homework and assignments
  • Conduct his quizzes and exam safely
monaiaEDX Student

Instructor Page

ElearnUs LMS online virtual education and classrooms allow instructors to monitor students status, get in direct contact with parents or students either by communicating with all the class or privately .

Dedicated access and dashboard for each instructor that will allow him to

  • Monitor his classes statues and mange his classes schedules.
  • Schedule or start immediately virtual class rooms.
  • Contact parents and students through an effective messaging tool
  • Get notified about school and management announcements
  • Register student attendance and discipline
  • Prepare lessons add files and educational materials for each lesson
  • Grades students efforts and award motivational Badges
  • Reply to students questions
  • Start Forum Discussions to for specific topics
  • Build Smart exams with auto correction and feedback

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