About Monaia

Monaia began it’s journey in 2018

The owners of the idea are the parents of five children. Like any mother and father, their kids have always been their center of attention. They were consuming a lot of time and effort searching for suitable activities for their children to develop their skills. Of course, because they had children age groups, each group had its own requirements.

They were struggling to know about any nearby venues and getting experiences from others who tried them before.

They decided to build an application that allows parents to explore the nearby kids activities as well as to benefit from other parents’ reviews. Here, the journey started with assembling the largest number of diverse activities, designing Monaia application in an easy and simple way so that the people could easily use it .

With Monaia

Many activities and services of interest for the family are now under one roof. You can easily pick the activity according to the category you are looking for such as sport, education, well-being , religion and other development skills for the child .

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